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I studied art for several years at the Vrije Academie in The Hague in The Netherlands where i was introduced to sculpture, painting and screen printing.

Oil painting was my main subject and I still love to work with it.


Although I learned a lot there, I consider myself a self taught artist because after I left I learned many more skills and I developed to become the artist I am today.

I fell in love with all kinds of materials and clay (ceramics) is one of them.

Moth caught in Clay

But I like to work with everything that inspires me so at one moment I also worked with broken windows.

Heart of Shards

I made installations, on my own and together with other artists.
In my last big project I wrapped a 3 bedroom apartment in newspapers.

Pack Up & Go

For a while I lived in Sri Lanka where I worked as a designer for children’s toys and I was also lucky to learn the art of Batik.

When I returned to The Netherlands I worked together with an undertaker and I designed the Box Urn, a customised design with a painting or memorabilia.

Box Urn

Recycling is a leitmotiv in my work and I enjoy turning waste into art with my collections.

Before I came to live in Australia, I worked as an Art & Craft teacher in a Child Care Training Center. At the same time I worked in Community Arts where we produced Art for and with residents to improve the relationship between them and their residential environment.

Since I live in Australia I’m inspired by its nature and therefore I love to work with the gifts that nature provides.

Oil Paint on Gumtree’s Skin

And I was really touched by the indigenous people and their art.

Dots on paper...


and stones

My camera is also one of my tools.

Best Seat in the House

For the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show I took my love for nature to a different dimension.

Date Palm Leaves Design

And I made works of art for window displays.


quasi design


melbourne international flower & garden show 2015

quadrant gallery

melbourne international flower & garden show 2014